Everyone's a Wally Remix previewed!

Everyone is? So it's not just me, then? Phew.
Everyone's favourite Wally is back! Well, almost. For over a year now, Johnathon Cooper has been working on his remake of this Speccy classic and finally, it's almost there. Johnathon has just released version 0.8 of the game which can be downloaded from the games' Facebook page. Here is another remake that has got us all happy at IRN and one member in particular (well, it's me) is over the moon that we are stepping closer and closer to a release of the finished product.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can play this one. And Wallys and Wilmas, of course. But not Herbert - way too young.

What can we expect from the Remix? Well, say goodbye to colour clash firstly! Yes, though we all loved the original and the Speccy's unique colour system, it has to be admitted that Mikro Gen games were the known to have the worst (or best - depends on how you want to look at it) cases of colour clash in their games. No more will Wally paint the town yellow as he walks and Tom will be keeping his green to himself, just like Harry does no doubt, so we'll have a slicker looking version of the game. Extra graphics and touches to the backgrounds have also been added so the game has been given a nice 'lick of paint' as it were.

Are you going to climb that fountain for that food, Dick? Or are you chicken?

You'll also find added nasties to make the game just that little bit harder, not that it needs it, but who wants an easier game, eh? Though there are additions, the classic game elements do remain too - remember the shark that chases you through the sewer? Yep - he's here. Herbert crawling around the floor sapping your endurance away? Yep, the little blighter remains too. The mini asteroids game in the telephone box has been kept in too, but I guess it needed to be! Will Mike Berry return to record another version of the 'hit' song? Probably not. Thankfully.

Sorry Harry, they don't sell those types of cakes in there.

Mr Cooper has done a fine job of recreating the classic game here; looks wise it's bang on in terms of the original game and I really can't wait until the job is complete. Though i never completed the original game (though I did manage Pyjamarama!) I still regard it as one of the best for the Speccy. A large open world and multiple characters to control - unheard of at the time - Everyone's a Wally is a Speccy classic and the excitement is building as we get ever closer to a time when it's finally complete!

You want there more trees? You must be barking! Leave it out...and etc.

Please see the link above to download the latest version of the game and feel free to give some feedback to Johnathon as he is taking any criticisms or suggestions on the game at the moment so as to make sure it's heading in the right direction. Or you can just tell him how brilliant it is!

Right, I'm off to finally sort out my garden wall - anyone know a builder?

Links :1) Facebook Page 2) Latest Version

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