Black Paradox - A Retro Inspired Side Scrolling Shooter Available July 27th with Demo Downloads

Black Paradox is a fast paced rogue-like shoot 'em up game with amazing pixel art and a Synth-Wave soundtrack by Fantastico Studio. The game will be released on Steam July 27th, with Xbox One, Ps4 and Nintendo Switch releases by end of September.

Demo versions are now available for Windows and MacOS (HERE)

Year 5027, many space criminals rage freely and plunder any poor soul unlucky enough to get in their aims. Black Paradox, the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy, decides to shut down the biggest family around, the Hellraisers, a group of warlords controlling many star systems, and to catch its six lieutenants and their leader, Quantum Black. Will the Star Phoenix, his vehicle equipped with experimental technology capable of controlling space and time, be enough to fight off the Hellraiser's whole army?

Play as Black Paradox, a fierce bounty hunter, and defeat the biggest criminal organization in space, The Hellraisers, and its 7 leaders! Black Paradox is a mix of old school shoot ‘em up elements and roguelike mechanics. The 7 levels are full of random generated enemy waves and hazards, creating an hardcore and fun experience. Each level will feature its own boss, each with different and unique attack patterns. The more you advance in the game, the more the bosses will start to attack using "bullet hell" like patterns. Also, as you progress through the levels you’ll be able to collect many different weapons and powerups to make each run unique!

This is still not enough to complete all the levels of the game, but don’t worry! The game also features a growth system based on chips for your spaceship, to make it strong enough to finally beat the game! Chips will both upgrade the ship's base stats and give it special abilities, such as healing over time or the chance to also fire missiles when shooting with your weapon. Obviously, as in any good shoot 'em up the player can also use a special power, the Black Paradox from which he gets his name, which grants him the ability to overlap realities and call another Black Paradox from another dimension to help out.

  • 15+ weapons with more to come in future updates!
  • 15+ powerups with more to come in future updates!
  • 10+ deadly drones, little helpers that pack a lot of punch! Here too, more will come in future updates!
  • A space bending ultimate move, the "Black Paradox", so powerful that the main character got his name from it.
  • 50+ different enemies all with its own attack patterns. More to come in future updates!
  • 7 deadly bosses with unique attacks.
  • A growth system to give the player more powers while upgrading his stats.
  • Integrated control support for all kinds of controllers!
  • 2 player local co-op.
  • Amazing pixel art.
  • Awesome Synth-Wave soundtrack.

About Fantastico Studio
Fantastico Studio is an independent game developer with a strong passion for old school video games. One of our strong points is the variety of our team: we have a retro game aficionado, a visual arts expert, a physic graduate with mad programming skills and an indie game hardcore player.

The team has been working together for a few years now and having produced and released many games to this point. Our main goal is to recreate that astonishment feeling that old games would give us when playing them as kids .

The studio was established in 2017 in Rome.

- Article by Scotty Emerle-Sifuentes

Links : 1) Homesite 2) YouTube 3) Steam 4) Fantastico Homesite

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