Hellbound - Early preview of a work in progress action platformer on the C64

Even more C64 games to get through today and no this isn't another Speedball spectacular, as we've just come across a new video on Facebook showing the very latest footage of a work in progress C64 game called ' Hellbound ', which is in development by Marvin Hardy as an early test of an action platformer with horror overtones such as the skulls, that may or may not come out this year.

In this game you play as an angel sent to hell in the guise of a demon to seek out stolen souls trapped in the Abyss. You must traverse every room free the souls, and avoid being killed by other demons or from falling in the fiery pits of hell. If you can shoot and free the poor souls a doorway will open allowing you to enter another even more dangerous area... So good luck when this game arrives!

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