Romhacking Spotlight - Enhancing The Legend of Zelda

There are many romhacks of the original The Legend of Zelda for the NES that gives you a complete new adventure with a new map and challenges but in this Romhacking Spotlight segment we are going to look at romhacks that enhances the original game. Some of you might still want the game unchanged for nostalgic reasons but if you played the game many times before and want to play it again I would recommend these hacks with updated graphics and improvements to the map.

First lets take a look at the Automap Plus released by Snarfblam. This hack changes how the overworld map works. For every new screen you enter the Automap Plus adds these locations creating a nice visual map and giving you a much better overview of the world and where you have been. Its looks great and it makes navigating much easier!

Next we are going to look at two graphic enhancements the both include the Automap Plus hack. The first hack is "The Legend of Zelda - Modern Classic Edition" by Fantendo that replaced almost every sprite and tile in the game creating a visual improvement to the game that makes it just look amazing! You will instantly notice that all the trees, water and rocks in the overworld now have a new look, but even all enemy, item and boss sprites has been updated too.

There is also another graphics hack called "The Legend of Zelda - DX" released by pacnsacdave that used sprites from Infidelity’s romhack "Zelda - Legend of Link". The new link sprite and all the new enemy sprites makes the game get a more modern look. And as i mentioned before the Automap plus is also included here.

Its really fun to see impressive romhacks like these that pushes the Nes graphics capabilities showing us what the games could have looked like. Sure someone might say that it would be cool to do a Hd remake of Zelda just like Lizardcube did with Wonderboy: The dragon's trap - And yes that would be really amazing! - but I just liked the idea of enhancing the game staying within the limitations of the system.

If you have any other Zelda hacks to recommend please mention them in the comments :)

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