Life of Pixel - Multiple era fun in this upcoming Playstation 4/Vita release

Some years back we featured a fantastic game that had all of my childhood wrapped up into one neat little platformer, and that game was Life of Pixel by the developer Super Icon. It just looked so damn cool as it had a unique style to it that no other platformer had done at the time. It was a game dedicated to the brilliance of classic gaming machines and had you as a blocked pixel, traversing through many levels of retro gaming fun spread over 13 historic systems. As you traverse the levels collecting gems, the game takes on the graphical tone as if you were playing on that very machine!

As we said before all those years ago you can play through a multi generation of gaming such as the Atari 2600, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Model B, Apple II, Nintendo GameBoy, NES & Master System. With each level taking on the tone and feel of that system. It's as if you were playing on the original hardware without emulation. There's so much to this game that it's a worthy purchase and contains everything you'd want in a retro platformer, from moving platforms, destructible platforms, double jumps, gravity inversion and lots and lots of different enemies.

So if you've never played this game and have a Playstation 4 and or a PS Vita, now's your chance to relive not just a golden era of gaming, but a game I felt was hugely enjoyable and well worth playing even when it was released for the PC!

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