Top 11: ZX Spectrum to Amstrad CPC Ports

During the 8-bit home computer heyday of the eighties, Amstrad fans noticed a phenomenon that continued all the way up until the CPC's discontinuation. Many games were released that didn't appear to be optimized for the system's strengths and thus lots of lackluster games came to the party. This was eventually explained to the common user that the games, were ported from a rival machine... the ZX Spectrum.

The 'Speccy Port' is a well known subject in both the communities of the machines, and there has been much discussion over it. But, it's worth pointing out that while many of these games were lazy and poor quality, without being ported in this fashion, they may have never even been released on the Amstrad. So, I am here to give you my Top 11 Speccy Ports; the games I feel were ported either well or half decently, and I'm taking context and my personal history to compile this list. Enjoy.

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