Unsung Warriors Prologue - 2D action adventure playable in co-op! ( Demo )

Just a short write up before I return tomorrow, but if you've got nothing to play this evening then how about playing the latest demo of ' Unsung Warriors - The Prologue ', which is available for PC, MAC and Linux. This game is a 2D action adventure set in Iron Age inspired Europe, whereby you need to fight your way through enemies and nasty traps, while also exploring the secrets of an ancient crypt.

Although there is a demo version available, the developers have said this is the prologue before they launch the crowd funding campaign for the full game. As for the features of Unsung Warriors, it can be played solo or with a friend in couch co-op mode, has beautiful themed handcraft worlds, enemies to fight, multiple weapon and item types, secrets, and finally a keyboard, touchscreen or controller can be used!

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