Inviyya - In development Amiga Shoot Em Up for a pre-Christmas release?

The Amiga is coming in HOT this week as after already mentioning Magazyn, Invaders and Mini Legion, along comes Inviyya to really open our eyes to a very decent looking game. First announced via the EAB forums in October 2016 this latest update gives us a good glimpse of the upcoming shoot em up, which according to the developer Steril707 may be released before Christmas!

Please note the footage is still from a work in progress title, as the developer has said there is still level design and a couple of bugs and glitches to fix but almost all of the technical stuff is implemented for a hopeful pre-christmas release for Amiga 500 + 1mb ram and upwards machines.  As for the full version going by the previous announcement, it still may have a two player mode, more levels, extra weapons and even a proper score and hi score list.

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