Magazyn - Block moving puzzle teaser for Amiga OCS/ECS

Invaders wasn't the only preview to grace our Commodore Amiga screens, as we also found out in part thanks to Saberman, that there was another game called 'Magazyn', that came 7th in the RetroKomp 2018 competition. This very early teaser unlike the other one we mentioned is a puzzle game in which you need to move all the rocks into the green crossed squares for a successful conclusion.

Sadly there doesn't look like there's much on offer here as although there's a small amount of gameplay to be had, there's no music, no further challenges and from the look of the video above the game quits to a success window once all the blocks are filled. Still if you like your puzzle games, you might want to hope it's developed into a full product.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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