Project Warlock - A retrotastic first person shooter is coming to GOG this Thursday!

Buckshot Software have just announced their seriously cool looking retro styled first person shooter ' Project Warlock ' will be released via GOG as of this Thursday 18th October for PC gamers across the globe. Taking its inspiration from 90's shooters such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom and as a love letter to that era, this game puts you in control of a mysterious and powerful mage who travels through dimensions and universes in an attempt to remove all evil from existence with an array of weapons and magic at his disposal.

Project Warlock looks to really stand out in a long list of first person shooters that have come and gone before. It doesn't just have a unique graphical style, but it's intense, fast paced, and features a quake like hub between levels, rogue like lives, a huge arsenal of weapons, 5 different locations including bosses, and even lots of levels with tons of secrets that could make this a worthy game to buy!

Links :1) GOG ( Steam due later )

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