CPCRetroDev 2018 - Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest, now with 41 games to play!

Throughout this year we have been featuring the CPCRetroDev 2018 competition; a competition whereby Amstrad developers from around the world could come together to show off their games to hopefully win the top spot and blow us away with their talent. Well as the competition had finished and we told you who the winners were such as Operation Alexandra, Jarlac and Legend of Steel, we are now shouting out from the roof tops that all 41 games entered are now available for download!

Yes indeed a stonking amount of games are available this year, beating the previous record for enteries in the 2017 competition. From Action games to platformers, there's just so many games to choose from that I could be here all day telling you about every damn one. So click on the website below and check out the games, as I can gurantee there's more than one game that will keep you hooked!

Links :1) Website

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