CPCRetroDev 2018 - The latest Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest with 41 new trailers!

Crimson Knight Adventures

The Amstrad has gone crazy this month as there have been so many games mentioned for the CPCRetroDEV 2018 competition, that the record has been broken for submissions, with a massive number of 41 games entered! Which beats the previous 29 by a big margin. In fact we have already mentioned some of the hopeful winners already as Legend of Steel,  The Adventures of Timothy Gunn and even Operation Alexandra that hope to be crowned overall winner.

Now as we said before we've already mentioned some of the games, and although we haven't shown all of them on the website which is a pretty big list indeed. ByteRealms was on hand to help by providing all the trailers from the game entries, which gives us a good glimpse of the upcoming games soon to be made available for all to play.

Links :1) Source ( 41 Game Trailers ) 2) Website

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