Rogue - Dmitry Krapivin's Roguelike release for the ZX Spectrum

We've had a lot of Amiga and C64 news this week, so to balance it all out we have a new ZX Spectrum game to show you in the form of a roguelike called ' Rogue ', which was developed by Dmitry Krapivin. Now if you like traversing through maze like levels and battling deadly enemies then read on, as Rogue might just be the game for you!

In this game playing as a Rogue you must traverse through each of the many levels, collecting coins and fighting it out with the skeletons to collect further coins to progress or hearts to regain your strength. What makes this game slightly different compared to other Rogue games, is the fact that if you don't have enough coins per level, you'll have to make your way through another annoying maze to collect a key to reach the exit. Although if you collect 10 coins or more you can skip it altogther.

Rogue by Dmitry Krapivin is a nice little game with plenty to do and a soundtrack that keeps you company throughout. But what really lets this game down are the maze levels between each main game level, as it really adds nothing to the game other than just being an extra annoyance. You could pretty much have that part out of the game, and just make it so you need to collect all the coins on the level to move on to the next and I'd enjoy the game even more. But still for what it's worth, it was still a nice game to play.

Links :1)Source 2) Download ( Thanks Saberman! )

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