New Adventures of Laura - New challenging levels for this charming Atari XL/XE game

If you're looking for something nice to play over this Christmas period on your Atari XL/XE, then look no further than the 'New Adventures of Laura'; A Christmas gift from ccwrc and Larek that not only adds new levels to the game, which originally went on sale in September as a Cassette by Retronics, but has released the new levels completely free for all to enjoy. As per the levels included, there are 7 screens from ccwrc, 6 from Pawel, 2 from Germán "devwebcl" González-Morris and 1 from Arkadiusz "Larek" Lubaszka!

As we said this game is rather nice sporting a lovely soundtrack and clever levels, but beware the New Adventures of Laura is not for those who don't like challenging maze like puzzle games. As in this game you'll not only need to collect items spread across the level, but you'll need to think ahead before you move, plant a bomb or even to avoid getting trapped by the ever flowing water which will drown you if you get to close. So give it a go today, as not only is it a Christmas gift, but it's available to download right now :)

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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