Tank Blasta - SEUCK C64 game featuring music by Richard Bayliss

When someone says to me Richard Bayliss I always think of banging tunes with just about every C64 game he's involved in. Sure enough that's also true of the latest game that was released over the weekend, and that was ' Tank Blasta '; a SEUCK C64 game coded by SENSISOFT in which you play as a tank and must blast away everything in your path!

SEUCK games come and go, very rarely do they differ apart from a change of scenery and different enemy types. Tank Blasta is no exception! Sure it features different themed areas and other enemy tanks to destroy and a mighty boss, but what makes the game really stand out is the soundtrack. It's the sort of soundtrack that even if you were not a shoot em up fan, you could simply just turn up the speakers and listen to the music instead. So yes an enjoyable game that's still worth downloading, and a game your ears will thank you for.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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