Captain MaCaw - A ZX Spectrum Inspired Retro Platformer Coming Soon to Steam

Captain MaCaw is the first commercial PC release from Auld-Games, an old school platform adventure in the style of the ZX Spectrum classics. The graphical style closely resembles but not 100% emulates the ZX spectrum resolution and palette. Expected release date is on or after February 18th, 2019.

Captain MaCaw was returning from a voyage when treacherous weather engulfed his ship. Scrambling for the life boat, he managed to escape just as the Jolly Roger vanished into the abyss. Washed aboard a lost island with his life boat in ruin, Captain macaw must platform, collect and puzzle his way round this unfamiliar island. The creatures on the island are not all out to kill you, but most are so take a helping hand when it is offered and you may make it off this accursed island yet!

  • Chunky ZX Spectrum style pixel graphics.
  • Classic platform/adventure game play.
  • Original chip tune sound styled sound track by Gordon King.
  • Over 100 locations.
  • Interconnected locations with short cuts if you can discover them!
  • Steam Achievements.
  • Keyboard and XBox Joypad supported.

About the Author

My Name's Scott Watson. I’ve been making games since the mid 90’s on and off. I go by Scottige online and of course, Auld-Games. I was lucky enough to have been brought up during the golden age of the 8 bit era. Running home from school to play Manic Miner, Jet-Set Willy, Hunchback, Head Over Heels... I could go on. My favourite aspect of games is discovery. Finding a way up to that out of reach platform or finding a use for that inconspicuous object. Getting to space in Jet-Set Willy 2 was was one of most potent moments of wonder I can recall from those days. That is the reason for Making MaCaw. While I have made may remakes and the odd "fan game" over the years, I wanted to try a pure passion project with a “proper game” Create a world with that sense of wonder, exploring a chunky pixelated landscape while solving (hopefully) logical puzzles. Have the player wander through this world and get that old feeling back. I hope I have achieved this for you.

- Article by Scotty Emerle-Sifuentes

Links: 1) Website 2) YouTube 3) Facebook 4) Twitter 5) Steam

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