Cuba 1898 - A new Amiga game in development from Iron Gate

Another year is upon us, which means throughout 2019 we are sure to get even more games appearing on systems such as the Amiga, C64 or even the ZX Spectrum. Sure enough as in the case of the developer Iron Gate who created games such as The Zing, The Real Brus Lii and Mini Legión they have since announced a new game to take us into 2019 and that is Cuba 1898. A very early stage announcement of a game that has inspirations to Konami's late 80's game of Green Beret.

Although not much is know about the game so far, what we can say is the game is going to be an action platformer developed using Backbone with the ability to climb ladders, visit different areas and most likely shoot at enemies on screen. Originally the game didn't look to have any backgrounds shown in the pre-alpha video above, but since then has improved graphically with added clouds to give it that much more developed look.

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