Eagerly awaited Quest for Glory inspired game ' Mage's Initiation ' has been released!

Way back in 2013 we announced the Kickstarter success of Himalaya Studios most eagerly awaited Adventure game ' Mage's Initiation '; a game from a team who wanted to recreate the similar style and feel to previous adventure titles the company has worked on and was touted as being somewhat of a spiritual successor the 'Quest for Glory' series. Well there's brilliant news for every Adventure fan out there, as we have been told Mage's Initiation has been released on GOG and Steam!

Yes indeed a game I myself have been waiting for since 2013 has finally made an appearance. This game with a look and feel of an epic Quest for Glory or Kings Quest game, features not just three quests with one chance as a uniquely crafted RPG/Adventure hybrid. But beautifully detailed pixel-art character animations, over 30 detailed character portraits, over 9,000 voiced hours, a beautiful musical score, replay ability with up to 4 mage classes , multiple story paths and much much more.

Links :1) GOG 2) Steam 3) Website

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