Night Knight - A new Juan J. Martínez (Reidrac) game in dev for the MSX!

Of all the developers featured on Indie Retro News, Juan J. Martínez (Reidrac) is certainly a developer i'd happily mention again and again. With games such as Escape from Colony 8, Space Pest Control, The Legend of Traxtor, The Return of Traxtor, Castaway, Rescuing Orc, Magica, Golden Tail and The Dawn of Kernel under his belt you can certainly see why. So what new game is he creating now? ' Night Knight ' of course! A brand new puzzle platformer, that as of this moment is in development for the MSX!
Although little is known about the game thus far, what we can say going by the footage above, is in Night Knight you need to color each square in green, while avoiding enemies and nasty traps to open up the exit. And that's pretty much all we know, but atleast from what we can see is the game is looking very snazzy indeed!

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