Trap Runner - Final version released of a rather charming Amiga game!

Only hours into New Years Day of 2019 and already we are getting some great Amiga news, as just recently we were told via our Commodore Amiga Facebook group, that Retroguru, who were behind games such as Sqrxz and Hermes, have released the final version of a charming Amiga Jump'N'Platformer called ' Trap Runner ', which was developed by Night OWL Design.

This game was officially shown off at the Function 2018 demo party in Budapest and since then has gone from strength to strength in development with a number of updates and fixes which makes this a fully complete version of an already enjoyable game. As for the main features of this lovely platformer of which I have personally played. It features 5 worlds with different graphics and four stages in each, always completed by a bonus level, 50fps, soft parallax scrolling, more than 50 colours, hand drawn pixels, more than 25 tunes and sound effects, and finally, written in 100% 68000 assembler all fitting on one DD floppy disk!

Trap Runner v1.0 (31 Dec 2018)
- Fixed a memory leak when loading new maps.
- Handle spurious level 7 interrupts, which happen on some boards.
- Graphics retouched by Jonathan Dodd.
- Enabled desert world water animations.
- Fixed coin animation in level 18.
- Fixed the return path in level 22.
- Getting stuck in level 24 fixed, when missing the white pill.
- Optimized fireball usage in castle world.
- Red floor in the Pacman level is deadly now.
- Fixed loss of last continue-level after running the introduction.
- Stars gauge didn't animate and reset, when collecting multiple stars at once, while only a single star was required for extra life.
- Runs on any OCS/ECS Amiga, with 1MB RAM from Kickstart 1.2 onwards

Links :1) Source 2) Download 3) Discussion

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