Gruniożerca 2 & 3 - Double the fabulous fun for the NES!

Great news if you're looking for some entertainment on the NES as we've just been told not only is Gruniożerca 2 available through, but there's a new game in the series worth trying via the NESDev competition and that is Gruniożerca 3! These two games although differing in gameplay design style, are both puzzle games and both revolve around Dark Archon's lovable pet guinea pig, Grunio!

If you're looking for the highlight of NES games released this year then these two games should be at the top of your favourites list. Not only do they come across as two completely different games with many different rooms for each game while both still being puzzle related, they are both full of charm, have fantastic graphics, brilliant puzzle designs, and what really stands out the most is that thumping soundtrack! So yes give them both a go today, you'll be glad you did!


Gruniożerca 2:

Łukasz Kur  - Programming/Concept/SFX/Puzzle Design (Rooms 1–6)
M-Tee - Graphics/Game Co-Design/Dialogue/ Puzzle Design (Rooms 7-24)

Gruniożerca 3:

Łukasz Kur - Programming/graphics,
Chip Jockey - Composed all original tunes for its soundtrack.
M-Tee - Graphics

Links :1) Gruniożerca 2 2) Gruniożerca 3

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