Terror of Hemasaurus - Rampage inspired building smash up prototype

Rampage for me was the highlight of my Arcade youth, I used to love smashing down buildings, grabbing people and food, and sometimes getting electrocuted as I punched a TV. This was especially entertaining playing with friends on a 1986 Arcade machine by Bally Midway. So why is this game in our news feeds? Thankfully there's other fans who want this Arcade smashing style to continue, as Loren Lemcke has teased the first prototype of what looks to be a heavily inspired Rampage PC game called 'Terror of Hemasaurus'.

Although it's very early days and could almost be described as a pre-alpha, the first Terror of Hemasaurus video above shows a giant monster smashing through cities, terrorizing people in the building and eating them all up in to a mass load of bloody gibblits. Sadly that's the only gameplay shown so far, so there's hope the game develops further into a proper Ramage inspired game, complete with vehicles, multiple buildings and of course more than one monster under your control!

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