Berks Four - Super duper blaster for the Atari XL/XE

It's the Atari XL/XE's time to shine today as over the weekend we were contacted by Saberman of a new game called "Berks Four", which was coded by Jon Williams who was also behind another classic game called "Jet Boot Jack". In short, Jon has previously worked on other games such as "Baby Berks" , "Major Blink" and "Berks 3" and this is the completely different extended version growing to 64KB of data!

If you're looking for a highly enjoyable game on the Atari XL/XE then look no further than Berks Four. It doesn't just feature lots of enemies to blast away, and enemies to stun such as mines, but a very cool soundtrack and the challenge of collecting keys trapped behind shootable objects... So yes lots of shooting fun in Berks Four!

Links :1) Detailed Info 2) Download

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