Lala Prologue - A charming platformer by Digital Monastery gets a C64, CPlus/4 & VIC-20 release

Ladies and Gentlemen, C64, CPlus/4 and VIC-20 owners across the globe! Digital Monastery creators of Crazy Music,  Zombie Calavera Prologue and the upcoming game Robots Rumble are back with another stunning C64, CPlus/4 and VIC-20 release. As we've just been told through Facebook, that they have released a new game called 'Lala Prologue '. Which is an awesome inspiration to the great The Mojon Twins NES game Lala The Magical!

Coded by majikeyric, music by mibri, graphics by (Na_Th_An), loading picture by Grass, and of course original graphics and game concept by The Mojon Twins. Lala Prologue originally created for the RGCD's C64 16KB Cartridge Gamedev Compo 2019, really does look like a fabulous game for every C64, CPlus/4 and VIC-20 owner across the land..... It has well themed levels, creepy enemies such as bats and spiders, deadly spikes, moving platforms, and finally the need to collect potions and keys spread throughout the game.

Links :1) Source 2) CPlus/4 3) VIC-20

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