Total Carnage CD32: Special Edition released by Earok

If you've got an Amiga CD32 on hand, or an Amiga Emulator installed then you'll be overjoyed with this news. As thanks to a great heads up by Per-Ola Eriksson, we've been told Earok has released the Total Carnage CD32 Special Edition; which is an enhanced edition of the 1994 game Total Carnage, featuring a decent scope of improvements such as gameplay, bombs, continues, graphical fixes and a new audio addition by JMD!

According to the wikipedia site, Total Carnage shares many gameplay elements with Midway's previous title Smash TV, including two-player simultaneous play, and adds scrolling, large enemy vehicles, the ability to collect and place bombs, and a much wider range of gameplay scenarios. As for this version however, Earok aims to improve the game closer to the Arcade, as many felt the Amiga port was bugged, hard, awful graphics and pretty much everything else that's negative that can be said.

Main Changes :

Player moves much faster, similar to arcade game
Flame thrower is more powerful with a longer radius (except in two player mode, the second player to pick up a flame thrower gets a weaker version)
Removed unfair mine right at the player's starting position on level 5

As per arcade game -
Bombs have a much shorter fuse, activating almost instantly
Bombs have a wider radius
You start with three at the start of the game
You only collect one at a time

Game always starts from the last level you reached before game over, except..
If you complete the game without getting 60 flags, you can play the last level again until you do
If you complete the game with 60 flags and enter the pleasure dome, the game will start anew

Strangely offset death animation for regular enemy soldiers fixed
Added "Blow This Up" visual instruction to satellite dishes, as per arcade
Instruction also added to enemy fighter planes

Features a new song by JMD on the intro, loading and cutscenes

Links Updated :1) CD32 2) LHA

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