Tube Runner - Pico-8 gets a tube racer with a wicked soundtrack!

Here's a treat for the Pico-8 crowd. Tube runner is, as you may have guessed, a tube racer in multi-coloured vector square tubes. Tube Runner gives not just a great impression of speed but also a cracking sountrack to boot.

You have a time limit checkpoint system but also 3 lives with energy that depletes every time you hit the walls. A tricky prospect for sure and one that harks back to navigating the tunnels in Descent. There's also a wonderful pico-8 chiptune rendition of Blade Runner's end credits theme to accompany your flight. All in this is a great example of what the pico-8 is capable of!

Play online or download the cart on the Pico-8 BBS at
Or search for tube racer on splore mode inside Pico-8


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