Calzone's Adventure - Meoow perfect platformer available now!

Have you always wanted to be a cat, to live the life as a cat and do everything that a cat does? Well now you can thanks to FloppyTapeGames latest cat adventure game. As in this new release called 'Calzone's Adventure' , you play as Calzone the Cat on an adventure through Staple City. Calzone is really hungry and you have to make sure he survives the dangerous way home, through the many different areas of Staple City!

Yes indeed this family friendly game and for those who love purring cats, will be delighted to play this charming platformer from FloppyTapeGames. As throughout the 30 levels, you'll be dropping, jumping, climbing, pushing and even defending yourself with sharp claws at your disposal! The game features 4 different areas, each featuring 4 regular levels, 4 "puzzle" levels and a boss, cutscenes, different enemy types,  an awesome chiptune soundtrack by Rolemusic and much much more!

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