NEScape! - Another new cart release on NES launches kickstarter

Oh you lucky NES fans. Just when we've had one amazing NES game deliver it's kickstarter physical carts, well now, just like busses, along comes another brilliant NES indie game looking to raise funds for a cart production run. NEScape! is a timed puzzle game in the style of an escape room and the puzzles are certainly taxing.

The game is complete (Khan games sent us a copy to preview) and we can confirm that the puzzles are HARD! Even down to the fact you have to solve a puzzle to even START the game! Yep you have to work out what the code is to unlock a combination lock before you can start... and to make matters worse, the game makes you think it's crashed when you do get in!

Once you are in properly, then you have a mixture of adventure style puzzles and more trad puzzles like slide puzzles and marble tilt. Think an 8-bit version of "the Room" series of mobile games and you'll be not far wrong. It's great to see a plethora of new indie NES titles pushing for physical releases but of course you can back it at a digital only copy for use on emulators (though you do have to make sure there is GTROM support as not all have it.)

Kickstarter campaign has launched ( Link )


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