The Hair-Raising Adventures Of Mr Hair - COMING SOON to a ZX Spectrum near you

Putting aside the C64 as we've just come across an update from Andy Green, that a new ZX Spectrum game is coming called ' The Hair-Raising Adventures Of Mr Hair '. This game which currently doesn't have any in game screenshots or footage, is an upcoming action-adventure by Lee Stevenson that will featuring foul beasts, crazy creatures, and aliens with your path being blocked by cunning, powerful forces beyond your imagination!

Although there is nothing else to show for the game other than the beautiful loading screen by Andy Green above (and new screenshots). Andy Green has told us the game has been in development for sometime, but because of real life getting in the way, it has hampered progress and wasn't until now Lee was pleased to say that the game is now complete with all that remains to be added is music.

So watch this space as this ZX Spectrum game is COMING SOON!

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