Hyperspace Delivery Service - Multi genre space game arrives on Steam!

Here on Indie Retro News we do like games that break the tediousness of similarities and try something different, so we think Hyperspace Delivery Service by Zotnip does just that. In this game you are hired by the Hyperspace Delivery Service to make a delivery to planet Miridian V, but along the way there will be dangers such as mad robots, space pirates and even the odd unpredictable stellar phenomenon.

So what makes this game rather unique? Well for a number of important factors. Not only do you have to manage your fuel, oxygen, food, and various other supplies, but there will be situations that will test your skills, such as fighting robot space pirates on the ground as a retro styled first person shooter, the threat of space battles from your retro 3D cockpit, or flying through dangerous asteroid fields to rescue broken down ships. So yes a rather unique game, that might be worth your time checking out!

  • Retro pixel art graphics
  • Name your very own space ship
  • Trade with aliens
  • Shop at orbiting space stations
  • Manage your food, fuel, oxygen, ship repairs, credits, and much more to keep your ship running and crew alive
  • Name your crew members and watch them live or die by your decisions
  • Original soundtrack using Adlib sound card inspired sounds
  • Choose your play style. Work the trade routes, mine for fuel, work missions, and so much more.
  • Fight robot pirates in retro FPS game-play
  • Directly control your space ship to fend off pirate attacks
  • Dodge asteroids!
  • Help space citizens or leave them to suffer
  • Simple to understand with a quick core game loop which offers pick up and play style gaming
links :1) Steam 2) itch.io

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