Minit is coming to C64 - That Awesome Thalamus reveal in full.

We’ve had some pretty cool announcements for the C64 in recent years.. But Thalamus’ reveal last week that Devolver Digital’s “Minit” is being ported to the humble 8 bit machine as well as the soon to be released Spectrum Next could well be the most exciting news since the end of the C64 era in the early 1990s. The news has been spreading not only in the usual retro news circles such as Commodore Format who revealed the news in an exclusive last week, but also AAA gaming news websites.

Publisher Devolver Digital have been responsible for a heap of awesome retro inspired indie games recently, such as Enter the Gungeon, Luftrausers, and Hotline Miami. They even stole the show with an insane presentation at the recent E3 games expo in LA. Announcing a Bootleg collection of demake of some of their past titles in one very cheap Steam release, and even a brand new real Arcade machine (A shooter version of Enter the Gungeon).

Minit is a top down arcade adventure, featuring puzzles, collectibles and a gradually expanding map which you’ll need to open up to explore. The twist? You only get a minute per life in order to make progress. Respawning at the last checkpoint, you’ll still have whatever item or power up you collected on a previous life allowing yourself to complete the game piecemeal. It’s a unique Indie game with charming visuals and animations and with around 100 screens, should make a perfect release for the C64.

I first saw this game when awesome retro and indie game Twitch streamer Skipnatty played it live on stream, and the cutesy Spectrumesque visuals and frenetic puzzle solving action looked like a super fun, albeit short adventure. About the game Skipnatty said: “Minit was one of the most unique gaming experiences I've had in a long time… There was always the sense of ‘I'm about to die’ as the timer approached zero and I questioned whether or not I just had accomplished enough during the last 60 seconds. One of very few games I had to finish in one sitting. As fun an experience as I've ever had in gaming and I enjoyed it immensely and would love to go back and continue exploring.”

There’s even already early in game footage to show off, and a mockup of the game’s packaging and cartridge - this could well be another co-op release with RetroGamerCD who produced last year’s Thalamus hit: Hunter’s Moon. Thalamus produced some of the very best C64 games back when the system was still selling more than any other computer, and onwards towards the end of its shelf life with gorgeous 16-bit looking games such as Creatures, Summer Camp, and Mayhem in Monsterland, and their renewed support for the system is great news for the whole Retro community. Minit for C64 is scheduled for a late 2019 release.

Thalamus Digital on Twitter
Skipnatty on Twitch

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