Ice Cold Beer - Have a drink on us in this new C64 game by Megastyle

The RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2019 was very busy this time around for awesome C64 games, as not only did we have Let's Invade 2, Dice Skater, Robots Rumble and Lala Prologue to enjoy, but now we have Ice Cold Beer to keep our C64 cool through the summer months. This game released by MegaStyle is an awesome looking C64 game as a digital version of a
mechanical arcade game released way back in 1983 by Taito!

As the description on the website says : Today, in 2019, Megastyle proudly presents a digital version of this great classic, especially made for the Commodore 64 Personal Micro Computer. To enjoy this game, you will need either two joysticks in each port, a joystick and keyboard, or you can play it using the keyboard only. Tilt the bar back and forth to nudge the ball into the lit hole, while avoiding the others. When the ball is deposited, the ball and bar return to the bottom of the playfield, and the next target lights up.

  • Ice Cold Beer c64 was made by Jamie Fuller.
  • All graphics and music made by Roy Widding.
  • Developed by Megastyle in 2019
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