Death Weapon - Blasting wave quotas via an Arena C64 shooter by C64CD

If drinking games and non stop runners are not your idea of fun, then you might be interested in playing C64CD's latest RGCD 16K cartridge competition entry ' Death Weapon '. Now unlike the scrolling shooters we have been used to playing throughout this year so far, Death Weapon is an Arena Shooting game in which you need to destroy a quota of enemies in a level before moving on to the next stage!

C64CD has said Death Weapon has a number of inspirations to its gaming style, as the game isn't just inspired by Death Dealer, a simple action game which was developed in the late 1980s by Jeff J Gosden (and exists in a second form as The Perfect Weapon), but also inspirations from games such as Hallucin-O-Bomblets sub game from Batalyx by Jeff Minter, and Andrew Braybrook’s Intensity. Basically the game features reversed fire action gameplay, background and parallax graphics, and nifty tricks such as more colours than are usually present on a C64!

For further details please see the source link below.

Links :1) Source  2) Download 3) Trainer

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