Diablo - Could this hellish classic be coming to the Amiga as an unofficial port?

I'm sure many of you remember the hellish classic of ' Diablo '; an action RPG hack and slasher released way back in 1996 with highly favourable reviews from across the globe, gaining that top PC spot for a good number of months. But did you know that as of this time there is progress to port the game over to the Amiga? Well good news it's actually happening! As thanks to a heads up from Solo, we've been told Daniel Müßener (Daytona) and Marlon @ AmigaDev.com / Vampire team, are aiming to bring Diablo to both classic and high end Amiga's.

According to Solo who sent us the email, he has told us "There has been progress to try to port Diablo for Amiga systems, both classic (68k and WarpOS) and NG (AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS). Furthermore he also told us in regards to the actual development, " It's based on Devilution X open source engine as well working dungeons in this current build "

Late update : Other team members added : 68k port Artur Jarosik, PowerPC port Roman 'kas1e'

Sadly that's all we know so far, but for further information please visit the Facebook pages linked (HERE & HERE)

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