Cat Quest II out now on Steam - Thermoptic reviews a NEW release!

I am a big fan of the original indie game Cat Quest that was released back in 2017 by The Gentlebros, and now the sequel is finally here! Cat Quest is a fast paced open world action RPG that is super easy to pick up and play. It features gorgeous visuals, a great soundtrack and a lot of quests. Fans of Cat Quest won't be disappointed at the sequel as it gives you all the best things of the original game but adds new and exciting features and a new world to explore!

I sometimes feel that games in the Rpg genre can demand so much time of the player to get into the story and the complex combat systems. And this is what I love about the Cat Quest games, they are super simple to get into and just start playing. You have a big open world to explore and there are a lot of side quests available. Most of these quests are short can can be finished pretty quickly, but even though they might be small they all have their own unique little story with very funny characters to talk with. The combat system is also very simple and fun and there is a lot of weapons and upgrades to manage in your inventory. Everything you loved in the original Cat Quest is still here but with some new great features!

So what's new in Cat Quest II? The obvious and biggest addition is the option to play the game cooperatively! In this new adventure there heroes is a cat and a dog. If you play solo the AI will control the other character, and with the push of a button you instantly can switch between the two characters. At first I didn't see a big reason to switch between the characters but very soon you will notice that Cat Quest II have new weapons and also monsters with different weaknesses that makes switching characters important. Very soon one of my characters became the wizard that I equipped with the new ranged wand and the other became the knight with melee weapons. Many of the different enemies a weak to either magic or melee so you constantly will be swapping between the two characters during battles. This adds a bit more depth to the battles compared to the original game.

You can still just let the AI control the other character if you like but I feel that switching characters at the right moments gave me much more control. Many of the battles in Cat Quest can be really challenging and you have have quick reflexes, dodging attacks, casting magic spells at the right time and now swapping between the two characters. This makes the battles even more fun an frantic! If you want to play cooperatively another player can join the game just by selecting this in the options menu anytime you like.

You now have two worlds to explore! The green and beautiful kingdom of Felingard that you remember from the original game is still here but now you also have access to the Lupus Empire that is a vast desert to explore. This gives you a huge open world to explore and as always there are a lot of towns, temples, dungeons and other interesting places to visit. Take a break from the main story quests and start exploring, there are side quests and dungeons everywhere. And a lot of new weapons, upgrades and magic spells to unlock.

If you haven't played Cat Quest before and want to try a simple yet addictive open world rpg with charming characters and lots of humor I highly recommend both of these games. And I think Cat Quest II became even more fun with the addition of a second character and its always fun to play a game cooperatively!

You can get Cat Quest II right now on Steam for PC and later this Autumn on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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