Espitenen and Mr. Pimponen - New NES game from The Mojon Twins

While many of you are looking forward to playing Malasombra from 4mhz, there's another game you might be interested in playing for the NES, and that's the free game of 'Espitenen and Mr. Pimponen' ; a brand new game from the Mojon Twins,  powered by Pantanow Engine rev. 5, Neslib & Famitone2, who were also behind games such as Cheril the Writer, Mojonian Tales, and yes even Bootèe!

In this game you play as a choice of two characters either Espitenen or Mr Pimponen. With Espitenen you have to find your friend through 10 ten islands, as her friend likes to play a very good game of hide and seek. With Mr Pimponen however, you must try not to get lost as in the end there's hope to find a familiar face to return home.. Yes this all seems very confusing as when it comes to games from the Mojon Twins, they always have the craziest of story write ups!

D-Pad moves Espitenen or Herr Pimponen.
A makes him jump.
B shoots a spike from behind.

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