Yazzie - A lovely arcade game by RetroSouls gets an MSX release

If you read Indie Retro News this month, you would've come across some fabulous ZX Spectrum games that were released for the Yandex Retro Games Battle 2019 competition, games such as Drift, and Valley of Rains to name but a few. Well one of those games in the competition called ' Yazzie ' was not only released for the ZX Spectrum, but since last week was also developed and released for the MSX by RetroSouls.

As noted by the description from the ZX Spectrum version, of which we enjoyed a lot! You play as the careless gold seeker who has wandered into a strange mansion full of traps. You need to help the gold digger collect all the gold, avoid the enemies and try not to fall into a deadly trap. Can you complete all the devious levels in this charming arcade game from Denis Grachev? Good luck!

Links 1:) Source 2) Download

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