Sensible World of Soccer 2020 is coming tonight and we can't wait! [RELEASED]

I'll be straight with you right now, I can't stand football, I never liked it as a kid and I don't like watching it as an adult, even if it is the in thing for most sports watchers. However there were some retro games that I did enjoy playing during my much younger years, and those were Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2! They were no Fifa's, but playing them on the Amiga was so much fun and just perfect for ball kicking against a friend, without the thuggish behavior of a day out at the local stadium. So why are we mentioning these games you might ask? Well we've just been told through our twitter feed, that as of midnight tonight the classic game of Sensible World of Soccer, is making a come back as Sensible World of Soccer 2020; a featured packed version of Sensible Soccer that is sure to be enjoyed by many both the young and old.

According to Playaveli, SWOS 2020 is a proper windows application that isn't emulation. It was disassembled using the DOS version of SWOS 96/97, with replaced DOS specific parts (like file access, keyboard/joypad handling etc.) with SDL calls and parts of the game edited and ressambled back into a full Windows application. As for the Amiga version of SWOS 96/97 however, this has been reverse engineered to add Amiga gameplay physics into the same exe! --> People can choose which ever gameplay they prefer! Amiga or DOS!

For the features of the Sensible World of Soccer 2020. We have also been told the game not only has full widescreen support (so the pitch fills out a complete modern widescreen monitor), but there is also full native USB controller support, complete access to the audio fules (no limitation to in game commentary or crowd chants in ANY format (wav, mp3, raw etc etc!), option to save complete matches as a replay file, highly detailed pitches (limited patterns have successfully been removed from the code! (future release might include HD graphics!), full team data to include 19/20 season (2400 teams/26,000 players), and finally original Amiga and DOS game resolutions are selectable, too!

For those of you who love playing on the Commodore Amiga, you'll also be pleased to know league and competition structure of 96/97 has been maintained to be compatible with real Amiga machines, and HDF/WHDLOAD versions with slightly edited in game graphics, and updated teams will be available at some point from midnight tonight requiring SWOS 2020 for real Amiga 600/1200 (+ 4MB fastram!).


- To install the Windows version (standalone or Total Pack), you need to have a previous version of SWOS on your harddrive
(DOS or GOG directory, swos.hdf or SWOS2 file in a previous whdload!)
- Linux tutorial can be found in our forum. Mac OSX tutorial will follow shortly!

(The original World of Sensible Soccer AMIGA files) ( [Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 - Pre-Installed WHDLoad Pack] )

Links :1) Website  2) Twitter 3) WINDOWS  4) TOTAL PACK 5) AMIGA HDF 6) AMIGA WHDLOAD

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