Shinobi Remaster - An Arcade game from 1987/9 with "improved" details on the Amstrad!

Well this took us completely by surprise, as checking through the CPCWiki forums we've come across a new remaster for the Amstrad which is sure to bring back Arcade memories from the late 80's. The game being spoken about is none other than 'Shinobi'; A game that was released way back in 1987 in the Arcades by Sega, ported to other systems such as the  Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, and ZX Spectrum, with an Amstrad remaster released TODAY!

Comparison by Antonio Parsons

Although a more detailed post can be read below, we've found out that the Shinobi Remaster for the Amstrad features not just a new main character sprite, but updated enemy sprites such as the Skeleton and Ninja's, as well as new colours and textures for the entire game. As in the words of Fmtrx, "The CPC conversion while quite good visually in the green monitor, it was not very nice for my taste when playing in color monitor. The designer did not follow arcade color scheme. We all know that CPC can do better than this. Adding to the recipe the most valuable ingredient: cpctoolkit, that fano kindly provided to us, which resulted in me having some fun remastering the old graphics during the last weeks. I tried the best i could, to simulate the feeling of the arcade."

Links :1) Source - Development 2) Download

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