Hired Sword 2 - A racy C64 CRPG will be released on April 3rd, 2020, pre-orders ready now!

Get your wallets ready people as Double Sided Games have yet again announced another game for pre-order! Yes indeed thanks to a twitter heads up, we've been told Double Sided Games have announced they are now taking pre-orders for their upcoming top down CRPG 'Hired Sword 2'; A racy C64 game developed with box art by Roy Riggs, Mike Richmond and Ten Chu that will be available April 3rd 2020.

Hired Sword 2 is the latest CRPG to come out from Double Sided Games and tells of the story of a Mercanary who after squandering all his coin and libations, has fallen in love with a seductive elf with long flowing hair. The problem is she's gone missing, and your quest is to find her however dangerous it may be! - The game features racy and fun storytelling, 20 maps to explore including 9 dungeons, 36 types of monsters, weapons and finaly armour randomly generated through 1000 combinations.

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