Lasagna Boy - Horror spiritual successor in a Game Boy style

The Game Boy was a huge part of my childhood, games such as Tetris, Mario, R-Type and even PaperBoy was played for many hours, even when trying to see the damn thing on long haul travels. So to see a new horror PC game called ' Lasagna Boy ' announced as spiritual successor to the original Lasagna Boy Classic with a Game Boy aesthetic, certainly got my attention enough to announce it on Indie Retro News!

Lasagna Boy Classic was originally a fun Game Boy styled stealth horror puzzle adventure where a lasagne delivery boy attempted to escape from a house full of grotesque monsters. These monsters although deadly in nature, didn't compare to the disgusting and horrific look of Garfield. I mean seriously we'd seen a number gifs of this creation named as Gorefield multiple times on Twitter. In terms of Lasagne Boy however, this is the spiritual successor to the original Lasagna Boy Classic as a short demo for Lasagna Boy; a game containing far better detail and a hopeful look to a future full release.

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