Solar Gladiators - A brand new Windows game from MALDITA CASTILLA creator Locomalito

Fabulous news has just hit our inbox, as Locomalito, the same designer behind games such as the fantastic Ghouls 'n Ghosts style game of Maldita Castilla, the awesome shoot em up teamed up with Gryzor87 for 'Super Hydorah', and the more recent release of Darkula; a frantic fixed platform game designed like a 1983 coin-op arcade. Has finally announced the release of the next game in his retro inspired line up, as SOLAR GLADIATORS!

As noted by the website...Solar Gladiators is a top down arena shooting game that mimics the technical limitations of the MSX1 computers. Use your bouncing disc as a weapon and roll to avoid enemy attacks. Face 15 different opponents, learn about their unique attack patterns and rise as the champion of this ancient competition. The game features 15 different boss fights, a single health bar for the entire game, a scoring system for competitions, 20 minutes of game length, and all of this with a look and feel of an MSX1 game from 1986!

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