Masters of the Universe - A Barbarian Cartoon remake on the Pico-8 (Browser Playable)

Well this came as a complete surprise considering we wouldn't have found it without trawling through the Gamejolt Website, but we've just come across a new remake of Barbarian for the Pico-8; a new game which turns the classic game that many of still love to this day, into a remake of Masters of the Universe! Basically the head chopping game that was released in the late 80's is now playable with a classic cartoon theme with many of the enemies you must fight as He-Man himself!

According to the description this is a remake of Barbarian with a Masters of the Universe theme for the Pico-8 with up to 2 player fighting action. Side with He-Man and his allies or Skeletor and his minions in this new take on the classic Barbarian sword fighting game, which features 16 characters, 16 combat moves, just 4 stages(sadly), 8 difficulty levels, 3 game modes and a kickass soundtrack all playable for free either online in your browser or Pico-8 hardware.

Links :1) Source 2) Play 

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