Funky Monkey Kid Game & Watch - Another Game & Watch inspiration comes to the ZX Spectrum.

We've featured so many Game & Watch games lately, you'd think they were bringing that handheld back into retail circulation. Sadly that's not happening, but if you want to play another Game & Watch inspiration, you can now check out Funky Monkey Kid Game & Watch for the ZX Spectrum and Spectrum Next. This game developed by Bootlegger is his own take on the classic Donkey Kong Jr game, which was originally released way back in 1982.

In this game you play as Funky Monkey Kid and must rescue Funky Kung who has been imprisoned by the baddie below the cage. To achieve this, you must climb from vine to vine, avoiding the other nasties and finally collect the 4 keys in a row to unlock the cage and free Funky. And that's pretty much all there is to say for this game, however if you want to play another Donkey Kong Jr game, make sure to check out Arla Games DKJ Game & Watch!

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