GBJAM 8 - Lots of great games submitted to the latest GameBoy Jam!

What a great early part of the week for retro games, as during the latest GBJAM 8, over 200 games were submitted for voting to be a successful entry in the GameBoy themed Jam. A jam in which gamers from around the world were given the opportunity to create any game they wish, as long as it looked like a Game Boy game. In fact it was such a great competition that we even had the pleasure of playing the rather cool game of 'GBNOID' ; a game inspired by the classic Cybernoid by Raffaele Cecco!

Crypt o' Casino - 1st Place Winner

When I was younger one of the highlights of my retro gaming youth was playing Zelda on the Gameboy during long journeys in the back of a car. I spent many hours playing that game, and found it very difficult to put down, giving an end result of eye strain and headaches. But it didn't matter to me as I was hooked and it's one of the main reasons why I'll be playing all of these latest games through most of tonight and into tomorrow.

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