Quick War C64 - A new C64 SEUCK game from Vox Videogame and TND

Trawling through the latest retro games on itch.io looking for a decent C64 game to play, and one that may be of interest to our readers, is Vox Videogame's C64 Shoot em up of ' Quick War C64 '. This game according to The New Dimension, is a rather unusual Arcade blaster in which you must save Terra2 "and defend the music and their notes and yes even the human race.

As described on their website, this is Quick War, a new game presented by Vox Videogame with The New Dimension 64; A game designed and animated by Pinov Vox with the S.e.u.c.k. " Outlaw - Sensible Software - 1987" version. as well as graphics, music and sound by Pinov Vox, title music by VG Vox, and finally assembler code by Richard Bayliss.

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