MedievaLands The Shadow of Yserbius - Open sourced remake of a classic multiplayer Dungeon Crawler

If you're looking for something lightly different on your Windows or Mac based system, then you've come to the right place! As thanks to a heads up in our Dungeon Crawling Facebook group, we've been told Zane has released the latest version of the open sourced remake of 'MedievaLands'; an old school multiplayer dungeon crawler with grid-based movement, turn-based combat, and many puzzles and quests to solve in an expansive dungeon that goes deep into the earth and into the timeless beyond.

Yes indeed if you want something different in your Dungeon Crawling way of life, then MedievaLands has you covered. It features a complete recreation of The Shadow of Yserbius and (coming soon!) The Fates of Twinion - two early MMORPGs, a full character creation through six classes and eight races, hundreds of items, a complex skill system, four friends to adventure with, modern improvements, and much much more. 

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