Ambermoon open source remake in progress of a fantastic CRPG! (PC/Windows)

Originally released in 1993 for the Amiga by Thalion Software, Ambermoon was the second part of an unfinished trilogy and sequel to Amberstar that was only released in Germany. In was an incredible RPG for its time, and featured 3D graphics that were considered revolutionary for the Amiga, but sadly for the company it couldn't save them from collapse.

Although we did get to play the English version as the last beta release by a1exh which was previously available through the Thalion Webshrine and as an easily playable HD package for your Amiga. Today's news is something special indeed for fans of this great Dungeon Crawling/CRPG. As thanks to Alexh letting us know through the EAB forums. He has said that if you head on over to the github website linked below, you can try out the latest albeit early version of an open-source remake of Ambermoon; an open source version of that classic game which should bring this awesome Amiga RPG to many other platforms including Windows and Linux!

Do note however even though the game is still regarded as in an early alpha state with development by Pyrdacor, and many people such as Metallic, Hexaae, Maynef who have been diagnosing and fixing bugs in the Amiga version. What Alexh has said is "There is a hope from his participation to steer the development to create tools which will allow easy back-porting of bug fixes he discovers to the English v1.07 and German v1.05 Amiga versions down the line".

And that's just a small part of the information gathered about this open sourced remake, but for further info hit the links below!

How to run the game

I got some questions of how to run the game:

You need the original game data (either ADF files or extracted files like Party_char.amb etc).

Put these files next to the downloaded executable file called

If you have not yet, install the latest .NET framework for Windows.

The game only runs on Windows as of now.

Links :1) Source 2) Detailed Info

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