Mire Mare - ZX Spectrum homebrew tribute to the Ultimate Play the Game classics!

Most of the time Indie Retro News gets the news out early so as many people as possible don't miss out in the retro community. One such game that took us completely by surprise and we were late to talk about, was this fabulous Ultimate Play the Game tribute called 'Mire Mare'; a tribute from the creator of Land of Mire Mare which was included as a perk for the KS campaign "The Story of ZX Spectrum in Pixels" book by Chris Wilkins, and distributed in a free downloadable version in the AGD Forum by Luca Bordoni.

As a brief description of the game, Mire Mare can be regarded as a very special version of Land of Mire Mare with the creators increased knowledge of Assembly and with the help of the retro computing community. Mire Mare doesn't just have a wider map with new game mechanics, but a new story (based on the Land of Ultimatum map and all the known details recovered in any available related document and magazine), redefineable keys and great music by Rich Hollins!

Links :1) Facebook Details 2) Download 3) Must Read 4) Video

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