Metamorphosis - An in-dev ZX Spectrum game with evolving mechanics

Twenty Four Hour Parsley People and Devwill Too ZX were not the only games worth mentioning, as recently Kees van Oss and Leonardo Vettori contacted us, to let us know of a new game they are working on called Metamorphosis. This game that's being developed for the ZX Spectrum, is a rather interesting game, as from the look of the video below, is set in an alien like world, with creatures to eat, other enemies to fight and drops from the ceiling that are very toxic for the player.

Currently we don't have a lot to go on regarding the story or how many levels, but from what is described in the video description as coming soon. Metamorphosis will feature evolving and devolving sprites, mario style jumps, toxic drops, dark mazes, objects to collect to evolve, a combat room to fight other enemies to survive, and teleports.

Links :1) Facebook 2) Video 

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